About Me

Hi there!

My name is Colleen, I’ve started this blog for my Visual Literacy class. It’s my portfolio for all the assignments I will complete for this class. Might sound pretty boring, and maybe it would be if all of my assignments were papers. Au contraire, my friends! Instead, I’ll be showing unique, multimedia projects that benefit the hard work of IZILWANE, a non-profit that wants to “connect the human animal to the global ecosystem.” They want to create citizen, advocacy journalists who share their stories with the environment from all over the globe. For more info., check out their website: http://www.izilwane.org/. Some of my projects for IZILWANE include a  graphic ad PSA poster, photo essay and lumiere film. Of course, the topic will be about the environment, but different aspects about the environemnt: air, water, earth, food, animals and pollution. Who can’t relate to any of those sub-topics? Particularly food?

As for me,  I am a communications and marketing student. In addition to my studies, I am a member of the community service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega (APO). I have had the great pleasure to volunteer for organizations like Kennilworth Gardens and the National Kidney Foundation. As fundraising chair for Students Against Genocide (STAND), I planned online fundraisers to support events like Witness, a public reading of genocide monologues.

Academically, I have taken several communications courses that broadened my knowledge of the discipline. In my Writing for Communications and Understanding Media classes, I developed clear, concise writing skills for news, broadcast, public relations, and PSAs. Currently, I am taking Visual Literacy and Digital Skills, and so far, I have learned how to utilize programs such as Audacity, Photoshop, Final Cut, and Dreamweaver in order to create audio stories, videos, posters, and this website. I have completed only one marketing course, in which I designed a marketing plan for a new service.

I hope all of these skills come out in my blog posts. Enjoy looking through my site!

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